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Entering the investment world has never been easier.
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Save And Grow Your Wealth. Buy Stocks And ETFs Without Commision | Bakksy

Start from scratch, grow to pro

We’re making investing clear, simple and accessible for all of you

Learn by doing

Figure out how investing works with our simple, fun and jargon-free education for total beginners.

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Invest smoothly

Grow your money by investing in what you know without a commission and unnecessary hassle.

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Unlock your money

Spend your money while it keeps growing. Use it freely for daily purchases whenever you want.

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Save And Grow Your Wealth. Buy Stocks And ETFs Without Commision | Bakksy

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Learn the investment basics, buy stocks and enjoy the freedom of using your money.

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Never-ending learning

Learn investment basics with our free education bot for novices. Regular updates of education that you need as your experience grows, in-app tips, hints, and lifehacks for achieving your investment goals.

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Investment options from €2

You don’t need piles of money to start your way in investment. Start investing from as small as €2 and let your portfolio grow gradually but surely. Zero commissions for stocks of top American companies.


Instant access to your funds

With Bakksy, you will always have access to the funds you’ve invested without the need to sell the assets and wait for withdrawal. Keep your portfolio untouched, spend money on whatever you want, and pay back later.

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